Horary Astrology Readings

Horary Astrology is a magnificent tool to get insight on a variety of subjects. Read this page to see many examples of my readings. They stand as a testimony for the diversity of subjects that may be approached by horary.

What I offer is actually horary chart reading and insight on the matter. Please do not expect me to answer all your concerns. If in doubt, please send a introductory email first.

The horary charts are usually set for the moment and place I receive your question, so no natal data is required. But if are familiar with horary and know how to recognize a "horary moment", that is the exact moment when you first ask yourself an imperative question you never thought of before this way, then please write down the exact date, time and location and I'll use this data for the horary chart.

My way of working is exemplified by numerous articles published on AstrologyWeekly.com. You may wish to know that I have no formal education in astrology, being a self-taught astrologer. I'm studying it for 14 years now, I'm still learning every time and I am always completely blown out by its power, insight and practical applications.

My job is to try to fill in the gaps in your story, to link the dots, the identify tendencies, past, present and future developments. If ever I consider I can't make sense of the chart, I'll refund the money.

The price of this astrological reading is $30, payable by PayPal to this email address: , which also the contact email.

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Electional Astrology Readings

Electional astrology is the art of identifying patterns of cosmic vibration and adjust our lives to match them. In other words, it is a way to start or perform certain activities at specific moments, in tune with benefic astrological configurations.

This not "cheating" fate, as it is impossible, but rather an expression of our quest for harmony in our lives. It is a simple, yet powerful tool, to make sure we don't take wrong steps.

It sometimes comes natural to perform activities at the right astrological moments, when our entire beings and lives are already very harmonious. Some other times, all it needs is a little adjustment with the help of electional astrology, meaning that we are on the right path, but it takes some effort to get to its end. In some other cases, however, no matter how hard the astrologer tries, it is impossible to accomodate a powerful and benefic astrological moment with the real life situations, such indicating a less harmonious action about to be taken.

At this point, it is worth mentioning the Universal Law of Resonance, which governs our lives (also known as "As above, so below") and is omnipresent in many life situations (this will be detailed in another article). Electional astrology is one of the ways to understand and use practically this Law.

So, the astrological reading offered to you from this website consists of several such powerful and benefic astrological moments for your specific needs. Major life events, such as marriage, businesses, important trips, are particulary important to be performed on such moments, due to their importance.

Communication takes place by email. Please provide a detailed account of your intentions, including the city where the event will take place, full birth data [date, time, location of birth], the dates range where the action may be performes as well as specific requirements or restrictions applying to the respective date and time, such as weekday, hour or part of the day, month, other considerations.

Things to consider when choosing the date interval:

If another person is involved, such as in marriage, his/her birth data are also needed.

For any other details, please contact me by email.

The price of this astrological reading is $55, payable by PayPal to this email address: , which also the contact email.

Waiting for your queries,